What’s the difference between your domain name and hosting service?

What’s the difference between your domain name and a hosting service?

So we get this question all the time.

And a domain name that is very much the online equivalent of a home address. It is a private address that you can secure for your private use.

That’s the thirty bucks (or so) a year you give to GoDaddy when they say it’s time to renew your domain name.

That’s what that’s for. It’s just securing your address so nobody else can use it.

Your hosting is renting space on somebody else’s computer (called a server) that all of the files for your website can actually live on.

So the domain name points to the server where your files actually live.

So what’s the difference between a your domain name and your hosting server?

So just think of it like a home address pointing to a house.

The house is where people actually come to visit. (I.E. Your Website Files)

That’s where your furniture is. That’s where you wanna entertain your guests. That’s where you wanna make an amazing impression.

That’s what everyone sees and why hosting is necessary.  That’s that monthly cost you usually have to pay because you gotta keep that up to date.