[Video] How to Write Effective Website Headlines Using Google Reviews (In less than 5 minutes)

Hey Everyone, Tyler Here! 

Now is a challenging time for many businesses in the midst of COVID-19 and we are all looking for ways for our business to stand out.  

With websites operating as the “Front Door” to many businesses — your headlines and value propositions have never been more important communication tools as they are now.


A well-crafted headline is important because it helps to engage your target audience. Your headlines are often the things that convince visitors to stick around and read the small print. If a user believes there is value in spending their time there — they stay. For example, 


Fortunately, there is a quick and simple strategy you can employ to identify effective headlines– use your competitor’s Google Reviews to come up with your own value propositions and effective headlines.

Here’s how to significantly improve your headlines in about 5 minutes:  

Head to Google and perform a search for your business or similar businesses in your city or in a nearby major city. In this example, I typed in “lawn mowing Indianapolis”.

Screenshot #1

Scroll down the list of businesses in your niche and select one that has obviously made a name for itself – in this case, that would be a business with the most number of 5-Star reviews.

Screenshot #2

Read through the reviews to see what their customers have to say. Doing this will give you a clearer picture of services that are important to them, what their pain points are, and how the business was able to address these.

Recognize themes that stand out. For a lawn-mowing business, customers value “showing up on-time”, “amazing customer service”, “reliability”, and “competitive prices”.

Screenshot #3

You could then write your headline like this: “We offer reliable, quality mowing services at competitive prices.” This headline is succinct and immediately tells your clients what you have to offer. And the best part is, it’s as if your competitor’s clients wrote it for you. 

I took a stab at a couple more headlines for a lawn care company, based on what we learned here. If you’re a similar service-based business — feel free to use these or something similar. 


HEADLINE (Usually shorter, #1 site headline) 

Sub Headline (Usually longer, smaller font) 

Cutting Grass Isn’t What We Do! 

We value SERVICE above all. We show up on-time, with no hidden fees, a great guarantee, easy communication, and a price you’ll love. (50+ 5-Star reviews)
[Add GMB Badge]

We know Grass, We serve You!

We’ve spent the last 15 years serving [add the service area] and growing the old-fashioned way, through amazing service, affordable prices, and estimates over the phone! 

A Service for Every Season

No Contracts, Automated Payments, and Expertise for every season to give you your weekends back! 

Additional headline tips

Test your website headline against these questions:

  • Does it create curiosity? Is it bland? Does it convey anything that the client would value? Does it urge them to discover more? 
  • Is it verifiable? Bonus points for any headlines that carry hard data and hard numbers. 
  • Is the headline readable? People are less likely to read longer headlines. Remove non-essential words.
  • Is your headline working? Evaluate the performance of your headline. Numbers do not lie. Did website leads increase, dip, or remain stagnant with the headline in place? Refine and reevaluate.

I hope that this technique will help you elevate your business amidst these uncertain times. Reach out to Conversion First Marketing for more tips on how to improve leads and grow your business using online digital marketing. Call 931-674-1206 or visit today!