How an “ugly” local business website may be crushing yours.

How an “ugly” local business website may be crushing yours and improvements you can make! 


There’s a phenomenon that marketers in the website and PPC game know well… 

Sometimes UGLY pages convert unbelievably well.  

Here are a couple of in-depth looks at the phenomenon. 


Crazy Egg

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard audit clients disregard a visible competitor because their website “looks” subpar to them. 

We’re going to use a quick TOT Audit to show us exactly why an “ugly” site may be sending for more conversion vibes than you’d expect at first glance. 

Try changing your thinking from “Good Design” vs “Bad Design” and instead think about which of these two sites would build the most trust to an actual customer if the design wasn’t included in the equation. 

Actual, potential, customers view sites very differently than we do.  They are instantly scanning for signs of a trustworthy provider and value. 

Things like: 

  • Raving Fans (Reviews, Testimonials) 
  • Experience, expertise, time in the market
  • Location (Local Wins) 
  • Notable previous brands/clients. 
  • Clarity of the services provided
  • Owners/staff that appeal to them. (Family Owned, Women-Owned, Black-Owned) 

Sometimes it’s just as simple as “The phone number was easy to see and click” so the visitor decided to flip from switch mode to “I’m ready to talk to someone”. 

Don’t let yourself rest on a “my site looks better” and instead examine what’s really important to your customer and see if those things are highlighted on your site.  

If you aren’t, you may be costing yourself a lot of money!