2 Critical Questions to ask BEFORE you hire a Website Designer


Hey, we’ve built well over 100 local
business websites
Here are two questions that I think every
local business owners should
ask before they start a redesign
The first is this.
So what’s wrong with the current site?
I know this question seems really simple.
taking the time to sit down and actually clarify,
what are you trying to fix?
can dramatically
change who you hire
and how you go about
solving problems.
And secondly:
What’s the most important thing
that your website needs to do?
Does it need to convert a lot
of leads or does it need to just
display a really high brand
brand identity? The difference between
these two things is going
to be a big difference between
the teams that you pick.
Not all the teams are gonna be great at
both of those things,
What do I want my
website to do the most?
You can usually get more info on
the links below. Thank you for
tuning in to answer Fridays, and
as always, I hope this has helped
you in your local digital
marketing game.